History and Safety Policy

Company Profile in Summary

Babybike Nederland bv has been founded in 1992 by Mr Hans Postma (M). The idea for cycling with babies was born in 1990, technically professionalized (turned into a solid quick release system) during 1990-1992, first tested for strength and durability with a famous external test house (TNO) with good results, then marketed and sold in 1993. The Dutch Cyclists Union (enfb) evaluated it at the end of the first marketing year from the point of view of customers' satisfaction. The outcome was spectacular. A response of more than 70%, with an outcome of 98% satisfaction, also from the (50%) parents who had made long cycling tours (lasting more than an hour) with their baby. Most of the additional wishes related to rain protection and springs. These were developed in 1995.

Safety Policy
Whether or not there is an applicable product standard, all products should conform to the GPSD (General product Safety Directive). Passing tests of a product standard merely induces the 'presumption of conformity with the GPSD'. So they are presumably safe. As the bike seat standard was drawn up to warrant only a 'minimum level of safety', homologation (passing tests) means that they are 'presumably minimally safe'. However, the GPSD requires to warrant 'a high level' of safety, not a minimal level. Besides, producers must take 'actual foreseeable use' into account, as well as the vulnerability of the users.
Compared to ordinary bike seats the Babybike system offers much more protection against spoke entrapment, finger entrapment, falling accidents, head and neck injury when the child falls asleep, and other hazards. According to the scope of the new standard, ordinary bike seats should not be used for tired children, who cannot remain sitting upright. So comparatively the Babybike offers a high level of safety and mobility.

During the many years of experience, no incidents have been brought to our attention, from which we need to draw the conclusion that bicycle armchairs are hazardous. We like to register all our customers, in order to enable the authorities and consumer organizations to inquire (again) with you about our system's safety merits. Further, we invite all our customers to take up contact with us immediately, if any reason for concern might arise.
Our mission is: further improvement, from relative to absolute child safety!

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