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Help us to to spread the message!   Register with us as salesperson! Everyone may participate. We only need your bank account and the number. Don't you live in The Netherlands, but elsewhere in the EU? No problem. In that case we need your IBAN and BIC code. (These codes are not secret, they are mentioned on your bank statement).

What does the salesperson do? Download our brochure. On top you write your bank account and your name. Also write: Mention this name, and you'll get rebate! Print it (3 pages), and expose it clearly in the waiting room of an obstetrician, midwife, in the delivery room, or any place where expecting parents show up. That's all you have to do.

What do you earn?  Whoever reads your brochure, and orders a Babybike set with us, mentioning your name as salesperson, is entitled to a 15 euro rebate. You will automatically be entitled to the same amount per order of at least Euro 343. You'll receive this when the sale is definitive (some weeks after delivery at your new customer). Just expose the brochure at a clever spot. All you offer is 'rebate', and you even get rewarded for it!

In stead of your own name and bank account, you are free to mention some charity fund on top of your brochure. For example Medicins sans Frontieres, Terre des Hommes, Unicef, Novib, War Child, Green Peace, or the International Red Cross, We'll pay your 'commission' then directly to this charity.

Alternatively you can mention a local club.

If you're a satisfied 'Babybiker' yourself, and you'd like to give local demonstrations at home, the maternity centre, or infant welfare centre, we'd like to have your phone-number to forward prospects to you. If more than 5 sets are sold per year with reference to you as the salesperson, we'll raise your reward to Euro 22,50 per set! NB: we'll remain the formal distributor, with all obligations associated to it. Besides getting a reward, you'll create a nice network of sportive young parents.

Help us this way, to popularize the notion of the bicycle armchair!

p.s. If a new customer mentions a salesperson who is not registered with us as such, we reserve the right to pay the commission to one of the abovementioned charity funds.

Become a salesperson, download the brochure now!

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